Beech Ready Built Vivarium 36x24x24in

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Beech Ready Built Vivarium 36x24x24in

Product Code: TZV367E

Beech Ready Built Vivarium 36x24x24in

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Beech Ready Built Vivarium 36x24x24in

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The Peregrine Livefoods vivariums are built from high quality wood board and come ready built with no assembly or sealing required.

Thick Wood

Thick, 18mm wood is used in these ready built vivariums for added strength and structure. Thicker wood also insulates better insurer a more stable temperature inside the vivarium. The thinner back panel allows for easy drilling for cables and wires.

Silicon Sealed

To extend the life of these vivariums further, they are already sealed on the inside using an aquarium grade silicon sealant. This prevents water from entering the joints causing wood to swell or warp.

Toughened Glass

All the glass used in our vivariums is toughened to BS6206A kite marked standards. This means it has up to 5 times it's original strength, and if broken, the glass breaks into small blunt fragments. Normal plate glass, if damaged, breaks into sharp long shards. As the glass is used as sliding doors it is crucial that only safety glass is used to prevent serious injury. We aim to conform to BS EN 14072:2003 for glass used along with furniture.


Each vivarium contains the correct number of vents to provide optimum temperature and humidity levels. 70mm vents are positioned to allow a steady flow of air throughout the vivarium. Each vent contains a plentiful number of holes which are big enough to allow air to flow in and out, but small enough to prevent live foods from escaping.

Forest Stewardship Council

All our timber comes from recycled sources or FSC sustainable forests. The FSC product label allows consumers worldwide to recognise products that support the growth of responsible forest management worldwide. Environmentally appropriate forest management ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes.

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