Biopod Terra - Generation 2

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Biopod Terra - Generation 2

Product Code: KBP020

Biopod Terra - Generation 2

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Biopod Terra - Generation 2Biopod Terra - Generation 2Biopod Terra - Generation 2Biopod Terra - Generation 2

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Biopod Terra

Ideal for small animals.

The Biopod Terra is ideal for housing terrestrial animals or a large number of plants. The Terra is the ideal size for 2 to 4 small size animals or 1 medium size animal.

Biopod Terra Specifications

  • Tank Dimensions LxWxH - 24.65" x 15.00" x 14.00"
  • Base Dimensions LxWxH - 18.75" x 14.87" x 2.71"
  • Unit Total Height - 18.64"
  • Substrate/Water Column Height - 2.19"
  • Substrate/Water Column Volume - 3.50 gallons
  • Total Volume - 22.5 gallons / 85 litres
  • Approx. Weight - 15.75 kg

Biopod Terra Features

Biopod App
The simplest way to control your microhabitat. The intuitive app allows you to create the ideal environments based on the species of animal or plant you choose to grow. Custom mode allows you to control your setting manually.

Biopur Air injection
Our patented Biopur Air Injection system combines aeroponics with advanced substrate and ventilation technology, perfectly balancing oxygen and carbon dioxide while maintaining life sustaining equilibrium. This system closely replicates natural air patterns that occur in real habitats.

Sunlight LED Panel
The industry's leading LED light panel closely replicates the natural sunlight spectrum. This provides a soft 5000K color temp and high PAR value which boosts photosynthesis and promotes plant growth.

Advanced Sensory Feedback
Integrated sensors continuously monitor and regulate temperature, humidity, rainfall and ventilation. This provides optimal climate conditions for your Biopod.

HD Camera
Full 720p viewing and sharing of your Biopod from anywhere in the world through the Biopod mobile App.

Integrated Misting
Replicates the unique rainfall cycles of natural habitats. The 2 liter reservoir allows for hands-free watering and hydration of your Biopod microhabitat.

A compact but powerful UVB emitting CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) replicates the sun's natural output, safely allowing vitamin D synthesis in animals while providing a growth advantage for a range of plants.

Integrated Heating
Individual heaters regulate the temperature in both the substrate and air. This allows for differential temperature controls to suit different species needs.

Biopod Cloud
The Biopod cloud analyzes your input settings to create the ideal environment for your plants or animals. Our species parameters combine information gathered from more than 50 years of historical and biological data to replicate the perfect ecosystem.

Wi-Fi Connected
Wi-fi connectivity pairs your Biopod to the app and cloud server.

Biopod Terra Uses

Create a pristine environment for your pets. Current products are poor reflections of natural habitats. They require constant upkeep and maintenance. Biopod is an enclosed ecosystem that requires limited maintenance. The Biopod App makes it easy to set up the perfect conditions for your pet's new home.

Herb & Veggie Garden
Grow a year-round garden. Biopod combines the benefits of an aquaponics system with the ideal conditions of a greenhouse right inside your home. Some of the many things you can grow include herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, etc... A great source for fresh salad and more!

Home Decor
Add a low-maintenance enhancement to your home decor, even in small spaces. Biopod creates a beautiful and relaxing backdrop for your living space. No time to take care of your plants? Biopod's automated, low-maintenance system will take care of everything from lighting to watering, while still offering opportunities to manually mist, seed or prune, if desired. All you have to do is enjoy the pleasure you will receive from your Biopod! A great addition for urban dwellers and seniors.

Education Tool
To educate minds, young and old alike. Biopod makes a great educational tool and is a fun way for kids (of any age!) to learn about nature and the delicate balance an ecosystem requires. Add a reptile to your Biopod and watch the wonderment and joy it will bring. Biopod helps to build an awareness not only of life inside the 'pod, but also of the sensitive environment all around us.

To enhance the classroom experience. Biopod makes a great educational tool for visual and hands-on learning in classrooms. Teachers and students can see different aspects of their environment including soil conditions, gas levels and moisture- all in real time. Classrooms can share their Biopod data with other classrooms from around the world and collaborate on observations and best practices.

Encourage creativity, productivity, lowered stress and increased well-being in the work environment. Studies show that these are benefits which can be reaped when greenery and nature are included in the work space. Biopod has a sleek and beautiful design, which is compatible with nearly any office size and decor, and the fully-automated system makes it easy to care for.

Please note: plants and decorations are not included but can be purchased separately.

  • Size: 62.6 x 38.1 x 42.5 cm