Look at the Baby Corn Snakes that Just Hatched!

dscf1034.jpgAbout 2 months ago Tracy Hall brought us in 16 Corn Snake eggs to incubate. The mother of these eggs is a very pretty albino okeetee variety. The father is a common motley.

Every morning we sort through the incubator to see how all the eggs are doing. This includes tortoises, chameleons, bearded dragons and more corn snakes at the moment. It’s always exciting when one of the boxes is full of babies instead of eggs!

Saturday was one of those moments as Tracy’s eggs had started to hatch. By this morning all of the corn snakes had hatched and were busy burying themselves in the vermiculite. Out of the 16 eggs, 15 were successful and only one of the eggs turned out to be unviable.

dscf1028.jpgThey have now been moved into a larger container in the heated hatchling rack. As soon as they have completed their first shed they will be offered their first meal. We make sure all our hatchlings have had at least 4 feeds before they are offered for sale.

Tracy will be taking one of her babies home and the rest will be available for sale to good homes. It is the time of year for corn snakes to be hatching so we’d love to hear from anybody else how has been successful at breeding their pets.


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