Amazing Baby Scorpion Pictures

We’ve always got baby animals at Northampton Reptile Centre and I know you like looking at the pictures of them!

Whilst feeding the spiders and scorpions the other day it was a lovely surprise to find some babies on the back of our female Long Claw Scorpion.

Scorpions start as excellent mothers to their young. The babies clamber on her back where she’ll carry them around and protect them from any predators. Unfortunately that’s where the maternal instinct ends. As the babies leave the protection of her back she will try to eat them herself!

We’ll monitor the scorpion babies and as soon as they show signs of leaving their mother, we’ll separate them.

Long Claws are a small scorpion species literally reaching only a few centimetres. They make excellent pets for any interested in something a little bit different.

If you have any interesting pictures of your pets we’d love to see them. Please post them on our facebook page and we’ll check them out!


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