Live baby snakes born – see the Rainbow Boa pictures!!

It’s always nice to find a fresh batch of eggs laid by our reptiles. But, it’s even nicer to find live babies either running or slithering around the vivarium! Colombian Rainbow Boas are oviviparous which means the eggs develop internally and live babies are born.

dscf1291.jpgWe knew by her behaviour that our female Colombian Rainbow Boa was expecting young but weren’t sure exactly when. Yesterday morning whilst completing the daily water bowl change we noticed there was more activity in their viv than usual! In amongst the curves and contours of the adults were several small faces staring back at us. Mum and Dad were lifted from their vivarium without any fuss to reveal 13 babies underneath them.

While the parents were as placid as normal, the same could not be said for the babies! There natural instinct for self preservation was in full force as they were removed from the adult’s viv. Striking at anything within range, everybody has a nice array of bite marks from these feisty little guys. They will soon calm down like mum and dad though.

They are now in the hatchling rack behind the shop awaiting their first shed and feed. After 4 feeds on frozen mice they will be displayed in the main shop area.

Colombian Rainbow Boas have absolutely lovely markings, I hope you like the pictures!

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