The Perfect Weptile for Wossy?

I’m often suggesting to people what I think the perfect reptile for them to own would be. To recommend a new scaly friend to someone you must first know a little bit about them. Which animal would best suit their personality and lifestyle? With celebrity lifestyles being such a part of the public domain these days  I’ve often wondered if it was possible to suggest a pet reptile to a celebrity I haven’t had the fortune of meeting yet. I’ve heard that one of our best loved entertainers Jonathan Ross has exotic pets so I’ve been thinking about what I could recommend for him.

What do we already know about Jonathan Ross?

  • He’s funny.
  • He’s a flamboyant dresser.
  • He likes to talk.
  • He can be a bit naughty sometimes.
  • He works hard.

When thinking about Jonathan’s perfect reptile match there are many that spring to mind.

Bearded Dragons are great pets, but are they flamboyant enough for him?

Corn Snakes can be flamboyant but do they have the personality?

Terrapins are funny characters but would he have have enough free time to look after them?

We need something that ticks all of Jonathan’s boxes.

The Verdict?

OK, my thoughts keep pointing back to the same reptile. A Tokay Gecko!!

  • Their snazzy skin patterns certainly fit in with Jonathan’s wardrobe.
  • They’re entertaining characters, always up to something!
  • They also ‘talk’ a lot too. Well they make a distinctive noise anyway!
  • They are definitely a mischievous gecko that can get themselves into trouble.
  • They don’t really like being handled, so are happy if Jonathan is working.

tockay gecko

What do you guys think? Is this a good match for Jonathan Ross? Please make other suggestions below, I’d love to hear them.


I sent Jonathan a message on Twitter to see if i got his perfect reptile right. He replied:

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