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Beautiful Red-eyed Tree Frogs

The Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas) is one of the most spectacular amphibians we see for sale in our hobby. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of these amazing animals so I wanted to make sure you all get to see how special they are.

The inexperienced may overlook what they perceive as a ‘green blob stuck to a leaf’ but this frog literally comes to life with an explosion of colour. Once disturbed brilliant red eyes, bold blue flanks and Tango orange fingers all suddenly appear as the frog transforms itself into an animal ready for action. It’s thought that this dramatic change is an evolutionary tactic to confuse predators, this is known as  ‘startle colouration’.

dscf0031.jpgRed-eyed Tree Frogs are native to the central American rain forests. Although all of ours are captive bred it is important to recreate this warm, humid environment if we want to keep them as pets at home. The medium Exo-Terra Terrarium is perfect for a small group of adults (although I have just read the correct collective term for them is an army). Keep their terrarium at around 28°C (82°F) and the humidity levels over 80%. Heat mats on the outside of the glass and regular misting will usually achieve this.

For techno geeks like myself, there are gadgets to keep the humidity spot on throughout the day and night. I use a Super Rain mist system and control it using a Humidity Controller.

Feeding is quite easy, like all frogs they are carnivorous and will eat a wide variety of insects worms and grubs. In the wild they will even eat smaller frogs but in captivity crickets are a great diet.

What do you guys think? You now know my favourite amphibian, what is your favourite?

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