Fresh Frozen Mice Ready Meals

You’ve always wanted to give your snakes the best food possible but did you know that you can now get this online?

Frozen rats and mice seem to be your pet’s favourite but there are now other items on the menu that you may not know about. Gerbils, hamsters and gerbils  may fill a hole but if your guy has a big appetite you can now also get guinea pigs and rabbits.

Surely the food will defrost before I get it?

No doubt you’ve thought of this problem too, but we have a 4 point system in place to guarantee you only receive a frozen delivery.

  1. Thick polystyrene delivery casket to keep the cold in.
  2. Extra insulation inside the package to reduce air pockets.
  3. Packs of dry ice inside to keep the temperature sub zero.
  4. Guaranteed delivery before noon the very next day.

You’ll notice on our website we haven’t got any pictures of the frozen food. This is because we understand they may be distasteful to some people who keep these animals as pets. As always you can contact us for any advice or queries and we will help you as much as possible.

As a shop we use a lot of mice as we currently have a lot of corn snakes. We’d love to hear what snakes you guys keep and what their favourite food is, please comment below.

Click here to visit the frozen food page on our site

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