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Who won the Bearded Dragon Set Up??

We had a competition running through August to win a fantastic Bearded Dragon set up. This prize included a 4 x2 x2 vivarium, cabinet, all the hardware and a selection of decor to keep even the most discerning beardie happy.

me-and-buddha-11The email address drawn at random from our blog subscribers belonged to Phil Wornum. Phil, 19, from Milton Keynes was so surprised to have won he even contacted me via a different route to check it wasn’t a hoax!

Phil was able to visit the Northampton Reptile Centre shop to design his vivarium and cabinet. He chose maple from the list of colours available, decided on a 2 door cabinet, a white background inside the viv and finished the cabinet with matching maple trim and long T-bar handles. This level of customisation will be available on our website soon but I’ll let you know when that is up and running.

Phil has kept reptiles at home for years. He is an enthusiast and stated “I would turn my living room into a jungle if I could!”.

Phil has previously kept Beardies, Leopard Geckos, and Crocodile Skinks. Currently Phil keeps Crested Geckos at home but is relishing getting Bearded Dragons again. Luckily it wont take long for his custom vivarium to be built!


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