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Need help with your spiders? Ask Danny!

Tarantulas and other spiders are up there as some of the most popular pets around. Arachnophobia certainly seems to be on the decline as more people are appreciating what fascinating animals arachnids (spiders, scorpions etc.) are.

They’re not difficult to care for and make excellent pets. The choice and variety of spiders available is huge though and each species has it’s own specific requirements. To gain a thorough knowledge of the arachnid world you really need the dedication to devote a lot of your time to researching the subject. Or, like me, you can ask Danny.

Danny Harris has been working in the shop for a couple of weeks now. I can honestly say I have never met anyone with so much passion and enthusiasm about anything. Danny lives and breathes spiders.

Danny was first introduced to spiders by his good friend and fellow enthusiast Mark Drage. Unbelievably he was a little nervous of them at first, but soon got the bug and started his own collection. Their passion together was to find captive bred specimens of spiders that were dwindling in numbers in the wild and breed them. In particular, ‘Pokies’ (Poeciotheria spp.) were, and still are, their favourites.

Danny’s personal spider collection is impressive and diverse, there are pictures of some of them here, at the bottom of this blog.

So, if you need help choosing your first spider. Need help with your existing spiders or need help tracking down that elusive tarantula you desperately want…. Do what I do, ask Danny!

Visit him in the shop or call 01604 753823.

Oh, he’ll love it if you look through the pictures and leave comments too!

Click here if you can’t see the pictures.

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