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Snake Setup Competition Shortlist – Vote Now! [CLOSED]

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Throughout October you have been entering our picture caption competition to win a fully furnished snake setup. Because so many of you wanted to win, it has taken a long to sort through all your captions!

Some were funny, some were hilarious and some you just too rude to publish! It was difficult to choose a winner. So, I’ve put together a shortlist of my favourites for you guys to vote for. Which ever caption gets the most votes, wins the setup! Simples.

How do I cast my vote?

  • Choose your favourite caption for the picture.
  • Leave a comment on our blog stating the name of your favourite.

Just to remind you of the picture, here it is below.


And here are the captions for you to choose from!

1. Mark Drage

Sam – “LOOK Gary, strange human type people staring at us!”

Gary – “Don’t worry Sam, I’ll protect you. ROARRR, if this puffing up don’t do the trick, nothing will!”

2. Colin Harris

And here we have our two new exhibits! On the left we have Gary (Pretentious overbearus) and on the right we have Sam (Lizardus loungeo), if you would like to buy them they are 50p each, as unfortunately they aren’t our best sellers.

3. Sarah

Incredibly, Lois discovers a species that actually does less than an African Land Snail.

4. Lewis Gorton

It’s time you went back to school to brush up your Latin. When I said “Show us your Pogona vitticeps” I meant your bearded dragon!!

5. Robin

Is this the new Gok Wan show? Look good sna-ked.

6. John Gysin

After showing the cameras around his new ‘Lois Hook Premiere Vivarium penthouse suit’, Gary proudly announced: “Yo, MTV you’ve seen my crib you’ve seen my rocks, now it’s time to get the hell outta ‘ere!”

7. Dan Letts

The 2 new odd specimens felt shy in the limelight. But they were happy that the attention was quickly diverted to the thumb-less lady!!

8. Richard

Is that a rat in your trousers or are you just pleased to see me?

9 Andrew McGinn

As you can see, we are having fantastic results with our new Viagramix Breeders Supplement.

10. Shelley Lester

The borrowers weren’t too bothered about being caught. At least now they weren’t living under the floor boards any more.

Remember only votes posted in the comments section on our blog site will be valid (one per person!).

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Good luck to all the shortlisted ‘captionists’. Votes will be valid up until Wednesday 18th of November and the winner announced the following day.

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