Photo competition winners announced, did you win?

143 entered our photography competition. Lois, Sam, Steve Carlin and myself needed to whittle that list down to one winner (£50) and 20 runners up (£10). As the standard was so high, we couldn’t do it, so now we have one winner and 21 runner ups!
The winning photo was by Andy Wootton and the subject is his stunning female Target Mantis. Congratulations Andy, there is a £50 voucher code on it’s way to you.


The runner ups are (in no order);

  1. Kathryn Gaston – Bearded Dragon
  2. Barnaby Murphy – Dwarf Boa
  3. Alex Welke – Bearded Dragon
  4. Jade Critchley – Bearded Dragon
  5. Katie Mitchell – Leopard Gecko
  6. Michelle Howarth – Skeleton Tarantula
  7. Lisa Langley – Corn Snake
  8. Michelle Rogers – Hog Island Boa
  9. Darren Orchard – Hermanns Tortoise
  10. Lynsey Davis – Purple Metallic Fruit Beatle
  11. Lee Self – Iguana
  12. Cameron Dewson – Bearded Dragon
  13. Jane Nicholls – Crested Geckos
  14. Marc King – Bearded Dragon
  15. Ricki Bryant – Boa Constrictor
  16. David Martin – Corn Snake
  17. Scott Melton – Honduran Milksnake
  18. Matthew Keys – Corn Snake
  19. Julie Daniels – Crested Gecko
  20. Danielle Coghill – Crested Geckos
  21. Emma Noble – Leopard Gecko

Well done guys, as I said earlier the standard was very high. All of the photos can be viewed in the gallery below. I’ll be contacting all of the winners to give them their voucher codes shortly.


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