Looking for new foods for your Crested Geckos?

Ever since the popular T-Rex Repashy Crested Gecko Diet has stopped being imported into the country, Crested Gecko keepers have been scratching their heads as to what to give their lizards for dinner. There used to be little else.

Cresties in the wild eat a lot of fruit so their diet is very different to many of the other reptiles kept as pets. The powdered crested gecko diets have been available for  a while now and many of our customers have been using this in conjunction with pureed soft fruits. In fact, that is what the guys here have been doing in the shop too, as well as a treat of crickets that have been dusted in Nutrobal twice a week.

Zoo Med Tropical Fruit Mix Red BananaLuckily, the reptile food manufacturers have now realised how popular crested geckos have become and have started to bring out some great alternatives. This means that you can now give your cresties a genuinely varied diet!

I’ve put all the Crested Gecko Foods onto one page on the website so you can have a look through them (click here). We’re trying them all out and so far so good, empty food bowls in the mornings! If you want to give your gecko a varied diet and try some of these foods, I’d love to know what you think. It will also help any other crestie keepers who read this.

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