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Awesome livefood deal, expires 21st October 2010!

All 3 for £4.99!

All 3 for £4.99!

Throughout October, we’ve been giving away lots of deals as part of our ‘Octoberfest’! There’s lot’s more to come, there’s no warning, so keep your eyes peeled across the our blog, Facebook, Twitter and even our YouTube channel.

Until midnight on Thurday 21st October 2010, we’re giving you the opportunity to get 3 boxes of livefood for just £4.99 with free delivery! That’s 3 boxes, to your door for £4.99 total.

I’ve arranged the livefood into bundles that should cater for most of your pets. Just click the one most suitable for you!

Small Crickets, Small Locusts AND Mini Mealworms – £4.99

Medium Crickets, Medium Locusts AND Mealworms – £4.99

Standard Crickets, Large Locusts AND Mealworms – £4.99

XL Crickets, XL Locusts AND Giant Mealworms – £4.99

After 21st October 2010, these offers will disappear from the site not to be seen for a very long time.

You can buy as many as you like, and don’t forget to share this with any of your reptile loving friends!

UK customers only. Bundles cannot be changed.

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