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Lucky Reptile Tropical Fruit Jam, a great Crested Gecko diet, available NOW!

Lucky Reptile Tropical Fruit JamWhilst the variety of food for a Crested Gecko diet has improved recently, I’ve been eagerly waiting the arrival of Lucky Reptile’s Tropical Fruit Jam for a few months now. This is a food that is truly different to any of the others. Well, the good news is, it’s finally here!

This ‘jam’ is not just a blend of pulped fruits, it also contains honey and bee pollen. These have been shown to increase energy, vitality, stamina and enhance the immune system.

Because this is a ‘wet food’, it can also be used as a base to mix powders into. Many people have said to me that their Crested Geckos do not like the taste of Komodo’s Complete Crested Gecko Diet, which is a shame because it is nutritionally very good. Here’s the answer, mix it into fruit jam. You can also mix vitamin and mineral supplements into it like Nutrobal.

Well, we’re going to get our Crested Geckos onto this fruit jam, so if you have any more questions about it please email us,

We will also be using this food for Day Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Millipedes, Hermit Crabs and we may mix a little into our Monkey Tail Skink’s salad bowl, see what he thinks!

Click here to buy Lucky Reptile’s Tropical Fruit Jam.

Click here to view what other fruity foods are available.

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