Here’s some recent reptile videos you may have missed. You choose what’s next!

How better to get a feel for reptiles on the internet than watching videos of them?

I try to upload as many as I can to our YouTube channel, but, thanks to somebody (Lois) breaking the video camera I haven’t been able to do any for a couple of weeks while it is being repaired. So, I’ve including in this blog the 10 most recent videos that were uploaded last month. You may have missed some of them so hopefully there’s something new there for you.

You may notice, the day before the camera got broken was snake feeding day. But, we like filming all of our other reptiles too so if there’s a video you want to see make sure you say so in the comment section at the bottom of this page. I’ll make sure it happens, you can trust me.

Anyway, the January videos are below, so have a flick through. Feel free to visit our YouTube channel to rate, comment and see our other videos.

Disclaimer: Any shoddy camera work is Duncan’s fault.

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