Have your lizards tried fruit beetle grubs? Tasty eh?

We all deserve a treat from time to time. But how do you treat your pet reptiles? What in the world is there to make your lizard feel loved?

If your bearded dragon is like any of ours, the way to their heart is always through their stomach! A lot of our smaller lizards have their good behaviour rewarded with a tasty waxworm or calciworm but our bigger guys love nothing more than a fat, juicy fruit beetle grub (Pachnoda).

As these grubs are quite fatty, they are only given as an occasional treat, maybe once a fortnight.

One thing to note, these grubs have quite a good bite on them so we squish their heads quickly before feeding. Just to make sure our reptiles do not get bitten.

There is a small video below showing one of our female bearded dragons and Leonard the yemen chameleon enjoying a fruit beetle grub. Also, those with good hearing will notice the grey tree frogs singing at the end.

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One Response to Have your lizards tried fruit beetle grubs? Tasty eh?

  1. Luke January 9, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

    I brought some of these today off of you and my beardy “puff” loved them! I didn’t crush their heads (will in future) but puffy made mince meat out of them. He says TY for the treat…

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