Changing ALL of our Zoo Med UVB tubes is a big job!

As a reptile keeper you’re already aware of the importance of giving your pet the right ultra violet lighting. But did you know that the light emitted from fluorescent tubes changes over time. That’s why you change your UVB tubes over your reptiles every six months, after that time the tubes are no longer effective.

We also have to change our UVB tubes every 6 months but, as you can imagine, it’s quite a big job swapping over 53 tubes at Northampton Reptile Centre! We use (and recommend) Zoo Med lighting as we have found it to be the best during our radiometer testing.

As well as the vivariums in the shop, we also have a lot of vivs behind the scenes that we use mostly for babies and re-homed reptiles.

We thought we’d film the change-over this time, and the video is below.

If you have any questions about UVB lighting, please feel free to leave a comment below

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