Turtle & Terrapin Competition Winners

Thank you to everybody who entered our competition to win a King British turtle and terrapin hamper. 6 lucky people have indeed won the prize after telling us why they love turtles and terrapins so much!

And thank you to King British for donating the prizes, you can follow on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their products.

The Prize

1x Turtle & Terrapin Complete Food - A natural blend including food pellets, ocean shrimp, freeze dried river shrimp and krill scientifically developed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of all Turtles and Terrapins when kept as pets.

1x Turtle & Terrapin Food Sticks - Complete diet for healthy, active Turtles and Terrapins. Contains all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Optimum calcium content for healthy shell development together with Spirulina algae and shrimp shell meal to enhance natural colours.

1x Dried Bloodworms - The safe and convienent way to let your turtles and terrapins enjoy the benefits of natural live food, as they would in the wild. Blood worm is a natural worm, freeze dried immediately after harvest to retain flavour and nutritional value.

1x Dried Tubifex - Natural, high protein freeze dried food in easy to handle cubes.

1x Turtle & Terrapin Water Freshener - Tank and terrarium water treatment. Neutralises and digests organic waste produced by turtles and terrapins, helping to control odours.

Who Won?

1. Egantribe

We found our Slider in a stream. Since then we have learned a lot about turtles and been fascinated by each new behaviour. Balancing upright on one hind leg with just the tip of her nose above the water to breathe, looking as if she is doing ballet. Basking with both back legs up in the air and one front leg, quite still, drying off. Biting through carrot tops. Paddling furiously when she thinks crickets are on the menu.

2. Kevindenning

I love turtles because they are extrodernairy animals which might evolve 1 day to teenage mutant ninja turtles. they are very beautiful swimmers and just fascinating to watch could sit and watch them for days on end.

3. Alexandros

I love my turtle because he is bubbly and energetic. I can watch him for hours and it’s so relaxing to see such a wonderful, beautiful animal who ironically is very graceful and so peaceful ( except when provided with food!! ). They’ve been around for thousands of years and love their prehistoric feel. They’re truly such interesting creatures!

4. Michael Coker

i love turtles and terrapins as they are:

T-ip top
U-ltra cool


T-ruly the best
R-eally good looking

5. Nikita K5813

I can honestly say I wasn’t into Terrapins or turtle’s until 2days ago when I took on 5 rescue Terrapins, there were 6 but ome sadly died from the awful conditions they were kept in. BUt after personally rescuing these I am truely amazed by them. THey are wonderful. ANd I hope I get to rescue more in the future. BEautiful

6. Michael

I love my turtles because they are so cute and always look like there smiling and when there swimming around they look like superheroes flying through the air ready to fight crime ! .. or eat in their case haha

Well done to all the winners, you will have already been contacted and your turtle and terrapins goodies are on the way!!


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