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Breeding Reptiles at Home? We need to talk to you!

If you take pride in breeding and raising quality captive bred reptiles, we need to talk to you.

We breed a lot of reptiles here at Northampton Reptile Centre and have done for many years, but did you know we also source many of our reptiles from local breeders like yourself?  This has always worked very well for us, and is one of the reasons we have managed to offer high quality rather pets, than mass produced or farmed reptiles.

This year however, has been phenomenally busy meaning we have already sold many of our babies, and our breeder’s babies too!

We’re looking for additional breeders to work with us to supply only the highest quality reptiles, amphibians, tortoises, turtles and spiders to our reptile community. We will only work with the best, so does the following sound like you?

  1. I give my breeding reptiles the best environmental care, husbandry and diet.
  2. I do not breed from related animals.
  3. I do not breed from unhealthy or deformed animals.
  4. I raise my babies for a minimum of 6 weeks before rehoming.

If you think we can work together, and you can supply us with quality baby animals, get in touch. Email us at or call us on 01604 753823.

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