How Does the New Vivexotic Viva Vivarium Ventilation Work? Is It Any Good?

ventsA lot of eyebrows were raised after the huge changes made in recent months to the Vivexotic vivarium range. One of the big new features that the Vivexotic Viva range boasts is the new ventilation system.

There are 2 key differences between this ventilation system and the old one;

  1. The vents are at the front of the vivarium instead of behind it. This should help by bringer fresher, better circulated air, in to the vivarium.
  2. The vents run along the whole length of the vivarium. This should promote a better air-flow inside the vivarium.

In theory, it sounds very positive, but does it work in practice? Luckily, Vivexotic have produced a video with a very clever smoke test. Have a watch and see for yourself;

So far, feedback from our customers who have already purchased a Vivexotic Viva vivarium also suggests that ventilation works great. Notably also when keeping species of chameleons in the Vivexotic Viva arboreal vivariums.

If you are interested in purchasing a Vivexotic vivarium from ourselves, please be aware that they are currently an online only product. We do not have any in our Northampton store.


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