Livefood jelly pot

FREE Jelly Pot With All Livefood Ordered Online

It’s the small tub of jelly that insect livefood loves to eat!

For a limited time, you will now get a free ProRep Jelly Pot with all livefood purchased online from!

Pop your free jelly pot in with your livefood and you’ll get;

  • longer living insects
  • fully hydrated insects
  • more nutritious reptile food

What is a jelly pot?

ProRep Jelly pots are manufactured from a high quality vegetable gel which is then flavoured using fruit extract or other natural flavours. They can be used as a food for a wide range of plant or fruit eating invertebrates.

Video evidence of crickets’ jelly pot love

How do we know that these jelly pots are the real deal? We tested them ourselves and made a video for you. You can almost imagine the crickets singing as they’re eating it!

Links: Livefood, brown crickets, black crickets, locusts, mealworms, worms, beetles, calciworms, flies, cockroaches, woodlice, grubs, waxworms.

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