Arcadia’s Jungle Dawn LED Bulbs – Why Do Plants Love Them?

The Arcadia Jungle Dawn is a full spectrum LED plant growth lamp with proven results. This energy efficient product emits light at 6.5k kelvin which is commonly thought of as the colour of natural sunlight.

The Jungle Dawn LED is bright! We use them here in Northampton Reptile Centre over our live terrarium plants and we think they’re ‘the business’. The plants are doing phenomenally well under them!

Watch the video below to get all the science as Dr. Mike Leahy explains the features and benefits of the Arcadia Jungle Dawn in more detail.


Please feel free to ask any questions about these bulbs in the comments section below.

The Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED bulb range is available to buy here. All bulbs are a standard E27 screw fitting bulb so will fit into any E27 screw fitting bulb holder.

Click here to view the range

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