Baby Brazilian Rainbow Boas Born at Northampton Reptile Centre

Wednesday was one of those great days around breeding season in the pet trade because today our big female Brazilian rainbow boa gave birth! Shortly after 9AM when doing the daily husbandry Anthony discovered a small number of babies hanging out in the boa enclosure. After a short while checking through vines and trailing plants and carefully sweeping through the substrate we became the proud owners of 14 newborns.

The boas are bright red/maroon on top with a paler side and large circular patterns of orange splodges from head to tail. They came out nearly 2 foot long and very slender with a great sized head to top it off. We had to very quickly transfer them to a damp box both to separate them from the parents and moisten them up. They will stay in humid conditions until they get through those first few sheds at which point we can start feeding them up and putting them in full-time enclosures. If all goes well you could see them in our store in 3-4 months.

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