Zoo Med Outdoor Tortoise Enclosures

How to Build Zoo Med’s Outdoor Tortoise Enclosures

When the UK gets some nice weather (it does happen), it can be beneficial to let your tortoise get some fresh air, soak up some rays and enjoy some time in an outside tortoise enclosure.

So this can be done safely, Zoo Med have manufactured a couple of  enclosures that can be used as outdoor housing whilst the sun is shining.

The Zoo Med Tortoise Play Pen and the Zoo Med Tortoise House

Zoo Med Outdoot Tortoise Enclosures

Whilst aimed at tortoises, there’s no reason you couldn’t use them for other basking reptiles out side, like bearded dragons.

Both enclosures are delivered to you flat-packed and have been designed to be incredibly easy to put together. For more information on these enclosures please watch the videos below that will show you how to build them.

Zoo Med Tortoise Play Pen

Zoo Med Tortoise House

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