Exo Terra’s Stylish Habisphere Curved Terrarium

We see a lot of cool enclosures at Northampton Reptile Centre, but one that caught my eye recently was the Habisphere by Exo Terra. This enclosure is a 45x30x30 glass terrarium (WxLxH) with a stylish curved front. On the back wall there is a panel with a slot for some wall art, the package comes with a desert picture and a rain forest picture. The lid swings open in top towards the back which makes it very easy to drop livefood into the enclosure.

Incorporated into the lid is a dual LED system with daylight and moonlight options. These lights can be turned on and off by touching a section of the lid.

Check out the video below…

The design is very tidy and stylish. With no easily visible buttons, wires or fittings and easy viewing from both sides, above and in front this enclosure is a great choice for those looking for a desk-top enclosure. The glass is very thick and durable and the entire enclosure is water proof up to the first line of the back panel so this enclosure is great for insects and some small reptiles and amphibians.

We have used one here to house some fire-bellied toads in a naturalistic, bioactive setup. You could also house other ground frogs, spiders and scorpions in an enclosure like this.

Habisphere at Northampton Reptile Centre

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