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Arcadia EarthPro Calcium & Vitamins Consumer Review

This is the second part of the ‘Arcadia EarthPro‘ supplement range review which includes Arcadia EarthPro-Ca and Arcadia EarthPro-A (previous review was for Arcadia Insectfuel).

Having now used the above for a good couple of months, here are my thoughts.

Arcadia EarthPro-Ca (Calcium)

We all know how vital the role of calcium is for our reptile’s and amphibian’s well-being. For healthy bone, blood and organ development and function, it’s a supplement that is needed from day 1.

EarthPro-Ca is a 100% high grade calcium carbonate. Vitally, with most keepers using the current gen of high output T5 lighting, this calcium supplement does NOT have any synthetic D3.

But for me, It’s does nothing out of the ordinary, and it does what many other products do already. One vital thing it does have going for it though, is the name Arcadia. Quality is always first thing on their mind in development of any product. In turn, this means our reptiles get the best care provided.

All of my reptiles are over a year or so old. So, are typically being fed livefood every 2nd or 3rd day.

So for me, the other EarthPro-A supplement was a more beneficial product out of the two. But, I have a young female veiled chameleon. She is still being fed daily. So that meant I could use the Calcium with a daily routine.

The Ca. coats the insects very well, I tested it on banded crickets, silent brown crickets, black crickets, cave crickets, several cockroach breeds and I also tested it on morio worms. Often, it coats TOO well, requiring a blow off for the excess powder.

Now, the taste test. Which I honestly think is important. With problematic feeding reptiles, in my experiences, will start feeding again on change of supplementation brand. But, I’ve had no complaints from my little veiled chameleon over the past couple of months using this product.

Arcadia EarthPro-A:

Arcadia EarthPro-A is an ‘everyday’ multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. It is a full spectrum supplement, containing vital minerals and vitamins, with ZERO synthetics and a vital 60% high-grade calcium. This makes it a fantastic everyday supplement.

It does contains a high level of vitamin A. But this being derived from potent organic carotenoid. So it’s a 100% safe option to what can be a problematic vitamin regarding overdosing.

Also included is bee pollen, and a healthy balance of 9 ‘B’ group vitamins. Both ingredients working to support healthy organs, eyes, brain, skin, and immune system.

This supplement for me personally, is more suitable due to my reptile and amphibian feeding regime. So I have been using this, and only this, with my adult Lizards. These are being fed 3 times a week. I felt this supplement was ideal for such a task.

My lizards are all under T5 lighting. They also get a varied diet of livefoods/greens/fruit/vegetation. With the livefood gutloaded with Arcadia InsectFuel, and my very own dry gutload mix. Along with a range of Repashy gutloading supplements. All this meaning, I’m more than happy their nutritional needs regarding calcium and other vital vitamins and minerals are being covered the best ways possible using these methods.

EarthPro-A tops off the whole process of calcium and vitamin intake with a dusting of your chosen livefood. Again, without issues here. Coating of my chosen insects was great, as with the calcium.

The taste test, well, they are still eating without issues at all. I’m also still using this. I will be using this until I change my supplements after around 6 months. Again, I feel reptiles can get a taste for our supplements. Often turning them OFF foods. So changing them up, I feel is a good thing.

Ultimately. If my reptiles are happy, I am happy.

So to conclude…

For my personal circumstance regarding age, species, etc, Arcadia EarthPro-A is the ideal supplement for my reptiles needs. I will be purchasing this again.

The EarthPro-Ca (Calcium) though, is no different to any other high quality Calcium supplement already available (in my opinion).

What both these products do have due to being developed by Arcadia is the fact that Quality IS ensured. This meaning your reptiles will be getting some of the best supplement needs available.

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