Giant White Knee Tarantula Shedding Time Lapse!

Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre we keep a wide range of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and Tarantulas. We recently came in to find our giant white knee tarantula lying down preparing to shed. We quickly took her to the back room and set up a couple of cameras to capture all of the action. The resulting time-lapse video was taken over a 12 hour period throughout the day and shows her coming out of her old shed and inflating the new one. We left the tarantula overnight this way and she was waiting for us the next morning bright eyed a little bigger than we left her.

This spider is a great choice for a beginner keeper as they aren’t too quick, they don’t tend to bury away and are big enough to spot easily. Along side the Salmon pink and mexican species these are one of our best selling tarantulas. If you are interested in keeping a tarantula like this but need some advice on what to get for it and which species to pick please give us a call on 01604753823, visit our website or email us at

To see which species we currently have please check our current animal list.

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