Exo Terra Terrarium Glass Cleaner

Need a Terrarium Glass Cleaner?

Struggling to find a great glass cleaner? Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre, we have many glass terrariums housing some of our frogs, toads, invertebrates and geckos. These tanks are a great home for reptiles and amphibians that need more ventilation and a little less warmth. While they are aesthetically pleasing they can quickly build up mineral deposits from the morning and evening sprays or your pet’s waste.

Luckily Exo Terra has an excellent affordable and reliable cleaner to deal with these pesky marks. It’s called ‘Terrarium Glass Cleaner‘. Here is a quick demonstration to show you how it works. Minus a little scrubbing, it really is as easy as the video shows!

To try this product for yourself and also see all of the wonderful alternatives available come check out our range of reptile friendly cleaners and disinfectants!

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