A Review of ProRep Tortoise Botanical Leaf Mix

As per the packaging, this is a highly nutritious blend of botanical dried leaves and flowers. It’s obviously aimed at herbivorous species. But of course, will be fine for omnivorous reptiles as part of a varied diet.


Nothing really wrong here. Although I feel the inclusion of a ‘resealable tab’ of sorts, would really benefit. As I found the packaging annoying reluctant to stay closed. So I’d have to keep wedging the pack between other items on my shelf for it to remain shut. Apart from that. It does the job. 🙂


There is actually little difference in the two mixes. Minus or plus a few ingredients. Its only really the size of the content that differs. The juvenile mix is also cut up much smaller. But whichever mix you use, the ingredients are top quality.

The ingredients include;

  • Plantain leaf
  • Dandelion leaf
  • Red clover flower
  • Hibiscus petals
  • Echinacea
  • Mulberry


As stated previously, this is a dried mix. So I felt it only proper to try the mix ‘as is’ with my Russian Tortoise (Horsfield), and my bearded dragon.

This did work well if I crumpled up and sprinkled on fresh weeds/greens/veg. Otherwise I found it wasn’t touched at all if left in a pile on its own.

I had a far better feeding response when I soaked the needed contents in some warm water for a few minutes. I’d simply take out what I needed. Place in a bowl, and add some warm water. And make myself a cup of tea. After a few mins, and a fresh cup of tea. I simply drained off the water, patted dry with a tea towel, and served to my Tortoise and Bearded Dragon.

I found it still worked best if placed on top of other fresh food, as opposed to in its own pile. Although the Tortoise would eat it in its own pile without issue. The Bearded Dragon would not. I guess when wet/damp, it restores some sort of freshness back to which our reptiles find much more appealing.


For the price, I feel this sort of product makes a great addition to any Tortoise diet. And more so, very useful during the winter months where your own foraging for weeds and flowers can be reduced to nothing. Making this a great way for your Tort to still get that vital goodness of wild weeds and flowers.

Although I’d never use as a sole feeder source. It could be used as such without issue IF your Tortoise takes it this way.

Again. I found it better to add to your own shop purchased greens or own fresh foraged weeds and flowers as an extra nutrition garnish so to speak. But I will definitely be using this product again, though-out the year alongside my current used items For that added nutritional variety when needed.


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