Northampton Reptile Centre Issued 5-Star Pet Shop License

Many of you may not know but the reptile industry recently had some changes in legislation meaning that shops are now ranked from 1-5 rather than simply passing or failing for a pet licence. Much like restaurant hygiene, you’ll be able to judge your local pet shops on a scale of excellence in care and husbandry. Along with this new scale came numerous new rules on testing and recording conditions in reptile enclosures, minimum space requirements for reptiles in store and many other quality of life improvements for the animals. Luckily we have always strived for what we thought was best rather than the industry standard so when these regulations came in we had a nice head start.

Our area manager Sam has been working her socks off for months to get everything perfect. We knew from the outset that we would not be happy with a ‘passing grade’ so Sam and her team went all in for that mystical 5-star rating. After months of work and consultation with local reptile experts (including vets, leading members of the reptile community and reptile equipment manufacturers) we escorted our evaluators around the shop, introduced them to the store pets, quizzed the team on their husbandry knowledge and presented all of our paperwork to show off our shiny new systems and policies. There was a bit of a wait to hear what they thought but we are pleased to announce that the news was brilliant and the Northampton store has been rated 5/5!

We were praised on our initiative in developing these newer systems, updating our care styles and really pushing the boat to make sure our animals have the best time before finding their new home. Looking at the shop in the wake of this work I can see that there have been a few key changes that you might notice. One aim of the new legislation is to share as much information with the public as possible by giving more information on the species and real-time measurements of the enclosure conditions. We now also have a separate isolation area for babies and new arrivals away from other animals. This is just to make sure they are eased into our care without all of the excitement of seeing people walking past all day. Here are some pictures of the improvements:

Fancy modular night/day heating and lighting-

Tonnes of information on the animal labels-

Quiet time in the ‘Isolation zone’ –

Thermometers on all of the vivariums in store –

We are chuffed beyond belief to have earned our 5 stars and we are all super proud of Sam and the Northampton store team for their hard work. These are the same colleagues that advise on husbandry for our setups and care sheets online and they are available Monday-Sunday to help you. You can contact us by phone on 01604753823, by email at or through our Facebook page. We would also love to see you in the store. If you fancy a visit click here for our address details.

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