New Vivexotic AAL Vivariums

We have been using the Vivexotic flat packed vivarium range for a really long time and we think that they are brilliant value for our customers. Previously, they had 2 main lines. The budget Reptihome / Maxi Reptihome series and the premium Viva+ Terrestrial / Viva+ Arboreal ranges. The main criticism of both of these was that they weren’t quite deep or tall enough to match up to many companies enclosure guidelines. With the new pet shop licence requirements Vivexotic have introduced a range similar to the Maxi Reptihome series but to more regular dimensions.

The Main Attraction – Vivexotic AAL Vivarium – Bearded Dragon

The AAL Bearded Dragon vivarium is as close to 4 x 2 x 2ft as possible while still being structurally sound enough for shipping making it a very popular choice for bearded dragons, skinks, tortoises and many other ground-dwelling basking reptiles. It measures in at 120cm in width, 62.5cm in length and 62.5cm in height. The unit has 4 large vents flushed on one side to prevent them from being pushed out. The vents used are the same premium ones included in the viva+ range that allow you to fit an entire plug through the back wall. These units are currently available in Oak, Beech, Walnut and Black and each enclosure has a matching cabinet (120 x 62.5 x 64.5cm WLH).

Now even taller – Vivexotic AAL Vivarium – Arboreal

While producing a larger standard enclosure they also took the opportunity to create their tallest vivarium to date. The new AAL arboreal enclosure measures in at 60cm in width, 62.5cm in length and 104cm in height making it perfect for chameleons and other small arboreal reptiles. Currently, it is only available in one colour and they don’t make a cabinet to match but it is a welcome addition to their already popular arboreal range.

More Choice – Small and Medium

In addition to these larger enclosures, they have also released a small and medium enclosure for more niche species. The small measures in at 40 x 62.5 x 41.5cm while the medium is 80 x 62.5 x 41.5cm and both are currently available in oak. Neither has a cabinet as of yet but they are great for stacking up into banks and will no doubt be very useful for reptile keepers with multiple species.

If you have any further questions on this new range please let us know. We are available by phone at 01604753823, on Facebook or by email at .

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