ZooMed Paludariums are here!

Following the success of live plant setups and fully bio-active enclosures, we have noticed that many customers have wanted to go a step further and integrate both an aquatic and natural land area to their enclosure. ZooMed has now come to market with their own Paludarium.


The ZooMed Pauldarium is much like a classic glass terrarium but they offer a much larger gap between the bottom of the enclosure and the first set of vents. Compared to the normal half doors these units provide a single swinging front door for full access and a removable mesh lid for easy access. Currently available in 2 sizes ‘30 x 30 x 60 cm‘ or ‘45 x 45 x 90 cm‘ you could create a small centrepiece or full display. The 30 x 30 unit has a 4-gallon pool at the bottom while the larger version can hold up to 10 gallons at the bottom. Enclosures like this would be perfect for semi-aquatic species like toads and turtles but they look their best while accommodating an arboreal species of frog or gecko in the top portion and aquatic frogs, crustaceans or small fish in the bottom part.

To aid in the creation of your perfect mixed environment ZooMed have released a few more related items.


The Paludarium platform is a supporting base on stilts used to suspend a land area inside the enclosure. The tray can support up to 10kg in weight and site perfectly to construct a dock for you semi-aquatic pets or provide a bedding area for your trailing plants and tall plants.


The 10 and 20-gallon Pauludarium filters are perfectly sized to fit within the enclosure and will make sure the water remains clean. They include a tube with many small perforations for a rain like an effect over the water adding to the look of the enclosure. You can change the strength of the flow and rotate the outflow arm to create the desired effect.

Water Heater

The Paludarium heater 25w, 50w and 100w are submersible and programmable water heaters that should be able to keep either enclosure to the set temperature. It has a temperature readout on the front and will automatically turn itself off if removed from the water. They are held in place with a simple suction cup which makes mounting the item extremely easy.


The UVB and plant growth kit is a dual dome fitting for use with the 5% Reptisun UVB lamp and a Nano LED bulb. This will provide a little UVB to the very top of the enclosure and provide the required lighting to the rest of the enclosure. Depending on which species you plan to keep in the enclosure we might recommend a stronger lamp. If you would like our advice on how best to set up these enclosures for your species please call us on 01604753823, message us on Facebook or email us at sales@reptilecentre.com .

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