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Have You Been to Northampton Reptile & FISH Centre?

Northampton Reptile Centre has been serving reptile keepers for 25 years at our retails store in St. James, Northampton. But, did you know that we also have another store at Bell Plantation Garden Centre in Towcester?

Northampton Reptile AND FISH Centre, as the name suggests; also sell fish!

As an aquatics store, Northampton Reptile & Fish Centre specialise in;

  • Tropical fish
  • Aquascaping (Tropica plants)
  • African cichlids
  • Pond fish
  • Pond plants
  • Water lilies

How to Get to the Fish Centre

Bell Plantation Garden Centre is on the outskirts of Towcester where the A5 crosses the A43.

Here’s the address; Watling St, Towcester, NN12 6GX.

Get in Touch!

Phone: 01327 350088. Email: Facebook:

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