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An Introduction to the Reptile Systems Company

To understand the passion and drive behind the Reptile Systems brand it may help to look back at their pedigree. To the casual observer, Reptile Systems burst onto the scene in August 2017, leapfrogging many established brands, in both quality and value.

Reptile Systems are part of a group of companies belonging to Aquarium Systems. Aquarium Systems have been established as world leaders in aquarium salt technology and production for over fifty years.

Famous for their outstanding salt brands, which are favoured by professionals, hobbyists and public aquariums alike, they have never rested too long and have invested heavily in new equipment as technology catches up with hard science.

This company has a vast and colourful history that has included both reptile and avian brands which date back to the late ’80s and early ’90s. These companies were later sold to allow them to concentrate on the booming aquatic side of the business.

Many years later due to a series of unforeseen circumstances, a twist of fate fanned the embers bringing the whole thing back to life.

Reptile Systems and Bird Systems were born from this resurrection forming a global trinity in advanced animal welfare.

Reptile Systems Brands

Reptile Systems phenomenal evolution is fuelled by a belief in constant testing and developing products that try to emulate our pets environmental and physiological needs.

Our main area for the brand’s research, innovation and development is based in the UK and run by our small team of devoted hobbyists, who have many decades of exotic animal keeping between them.

The UK is also responsible for concept, development and prototype building as well as long term testing new and existing ranges.

Peter Blake from Reptile Systems …

This all started not long after we opened the UK centre and we had many new ranges which we had manufactured to our strict specifications and all appeared to be going well. We decided to check for quality and to ensure we had received what we had requested. We also wanted to have devices and lamps on long term test to ensure reliability and outputs etc.

To our surprise, all was not as it should have been and we went through all of the individual items, some were amazing, and some were not. We immediately put wheels into motion to improve any of the flagging items.

Product research and development was a steep learning curve as we wanted to have the best possible products available at a price that the market would be willing to pay without compromising animal welfare.

Out of curiosity and a need for comparatives, we also started to test as many different manufacturers produce as practicable. The results left us shocked; it became very apparent that many may not even be aware of the parameters of their products and this was amplified by some of the long-term reliability testing results. We took this as a big positive step and all items that we produce are fully tested. We have all of our range on long term test, including real-life setups. We also continue to improve parts of our range that we feel could be elevated to be the best available.

As keepers and hobbyist ourselves we believe that your animal also deserves the best which is why we continue to test, research and develop products pushing the standards higher as technology allows, we welcome you to join the journey to enlightened pet care.

We have been championing the phrase “For Your Animals” on our social media platforms and we stand by our commitment. #FYA

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