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Reptile Systems New Dawn Proten LED Bars

Reptile Systems New Dawn Proten LED was not designed from scratch like many of their other lighting products, as it uses many parts from the very successful Aquarium Systems Proten LED range. This range consists of two different colours in six different sizes. The New Dawn Proten has all the high-tech features of its aquatic cousins, with the innovative twist of using the proven plant growth New Dawn Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Reptile Systems also noticed that fluorescent lamps for plant growth were lacking in the reptile industry. Using their aquatic background, they made the Proten LED based on the products from Aquarium Systems, with the correct spectrum LED for plant growth.

With the continued popularity of heavily planted enclosures, bioactive setups and many beautifully constructed different types of paludariums, good quality plant growth LED lighting is very much in demand. Reptile Systems noticed that there is very little available – if any – that offer a degree of moisture resistance, even from ‘specialist’ manufacturers. The new Dawn Proten has been added to the range to fill this void allowing those with high humidity setups to light their enclosures safely and efficiently, with the waterproof LED bar, and still achieve excellent plant growth.

This design allows the bar to be fitted inside the vivarium, placed on top of the mesh or retrofitted into existing T5 and T8 fixtures and fittings, saving time and money. It covers three standard reptile lamp sizes;

In our other blog articles, we have touched on some different aspects of plant lighting and growth and it may be prudent to explain the very basics of photosynthesis. This is the process in which plants use light to convert carbon dioxide and water into simple sugars and oxygen. The carbon dioxide is taken from the air and water is supplied via the root system. The energy for this conversion is provided by sunlight captured by the chloroplasts in the leaves. This energy breaks down the carbon dioxide to produce glucose for energy and helps plants grow and form flowers. It will also store some of this glucose to help it survive periods of dormancy (winter) and produce oxygen which is released back into the air.

Reliable power units have been a weak point with most LED bars in the past because of insufficient investment. Reptile Systems have used a power supply that has been used in other industries and, although more expensive, it has given New Dawn Protens product class-leading reliability. The bar’s waterproof design means it can be installed inside the enclosure where humidity and
moisture is at its highest and not have to be placed outside, on top of a mesh, where it can lose up to 40% of its output.

Retro fittings are supplied, free of charge, for installing into T8 and T5 light fitting or fixtures along with two sets of support clips and extendable arms.

Dual-channel controller switch

  • Switch 1 – 6500k LEDs provide the correct wavelength for plant growth
  • Switch 2 – blue and red LEDs encourage plant growth, budding and flowering

New Dawns are proven high output LEDs delivering the correct wavelengths of light for small and medium enclosures or high light demanding plants, but their low power consumption keeps running costs very low.

The tried and tested aluminium heatsink has been used to efficiently keep heat away from the LEDs and help prolong their life. These units are extremely reliable and possibly the safest LED available for the reptile hobbyist, meeting all current safety standards and CE marked for your protection.

Even at these low wattages, Reptile Systems have documented explosive plant growth at their UK testing facility. Please check their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last?

It should give you approximately 50,000 running hours and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

How many lumens is it?

141 lumens per watt, with the newer ones being upgraded to 151 lumens per watt.

My lamp doesn’t work!

Please go through the standard checks as these lamps are very reliable:

  • check the fuse.
  • check the switch in the power cord are at the ‘on’ position.
  • check that all cable connections are located and secured correctly.
  • check that there is power to the socket.

How waterproof is it?

As with all testing, Reptile Systems to the extreme – their test unit has been submerged for almost a year (I’ve seen it at their facility!) – so it should be fine with an occasional mist but generally, you shouldn’t be subjecting any light unit to an abundance of water.

Can I clean it?

Yes, you can wipe it with a soft damp cloth.

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