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Why You Should Upgrade to an Electronic T8 Ballast

Since their introduction in the late 1930s, fluorescent lamps have changed very little in overall appearance and the way we make them work. The familiar light units that we are all used to seeing with the separate choke unit entered the lighting industry in 1939. Its job is to preheat the lamp and supply a regulated amount of power, which we see as the initial flickering before the lamp comes on.

In the 1940s magnetic ballasts were the size of a house brick and filled with tar to protect the components inside. Magnetic ballasts can be noisy giving a background buzzing noise and they waste energy in the way they regulate the power to the lamps. Ballasts are a fascinating part of the fluorescent lamp lighting system due to the complex nature of resistance, inductance, and reactance.

The original T12 and T8 lamps were lit this way right up until the 1980s as electronic units were expensive. As high efficiency and high output replacements become more affordable their popularity grew.

The use of electronic ballasts rose quickly in the 1990s mainly due to the running cost savings. Compared to a magnetic ballast they are very energy efficient, quiet, produce less heat, and are much smaller in size and weight, meaning the can be mounted in slimmer more attractive units.

Although you can still buy some of the old-style units with separate, replaceable choke units this technology is very dated. Fluorescent lamps can be highly efficient, but poorly made, old fashion ballasts are the limiting factor.

Reptile Systems T8 electronic ballast is the solution to this problem. Three high-quality units to cover all size T8 lamps from 14w right the way up to 40w.

t8 electronic ballast

The unit has its own independent power switch and long lamp leads and has been designed for lighting birds, reptiles, and other types of animal habitats. Rated to IP65 for use in dry enclosures and should not be sprayed directly or submerged in water at any time. The lamp can be mounted inside or on top of your vivarium using the fixings provided (screws not included) with the power unit positioned externally.

Very easy to install and operate, and without the noise or flickering associated with magnetic ballasts. Ideal for use with all zones of Reptile Systems T8 lamps and comes with a two warranty to give you peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

How long are the lamp leads?

They are 155cm which should be plenty to reach wherever you need.

My lamp does not work, why?

If the fluorescent lamp fails to work correctly check the following :

  • Check the appliance fuse and that the mains socket is working.
  • Check that the switch is in ON position and all leads are firmly in place.
  • Make sure that the lamp is properly installed.
  • Check that the lamp is not damaged.
  • Make sure that the lamp used corresponds with the electronic ballast unit and that the lamp is properly installed.
  • If after all these operations you do not get the solution contact your retailer or a qualified electrician.

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