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Amazing Baby Scorpion Pictures

We’ve always got baby animals at Northampton Reptile Centre and I know you like looking at the pictures of them! Whilst feeding the spiders and scorpions the other day it was a lovely surprise to find some babies on the back of our female Long Claw Scorpion. Scorpions start as excellent mothers to their young. […]

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Have you ever seen a Monkey Tailed Skink?

When we got our Monkey Tailed Skink at Northampton Reptile Centre I became fascinated by it. Although the other guys in the shop have kept them before, I’ll be the first to admit I knew nothing about them. So I’d like to share with you what I found out about these amazing reptiles. They originate […]

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Look at the Baby Corn Snakes that Just Hatched!

About 2 months ago Tracy Hall brought us in 16 Corn Snake eggs to incubate. The mother of these eggs is a very pretty albino okeetee variety. The father is a common motley. Every morning we sort through the incubator to see how all the eggs are doing. This includes tortoises, chameleons, bearded dragons and […]

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Want to Win a Complete Exo-Terra Set-Up? [CLOSED]

THIS COMPETITION IS CLOSED Click here to see our other competitions Each month, starting from June, we will be giving you the chance to win a new fantastic prize. Everybody who has signed up to receive this blog will automatically be entered into each months competition. Just enter your email address in the box opposite, […]

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Bearded Dragon Babies

Sam and her mum have a reptile sanctuary with over 500 animals at home. Many are rescues but given the right conditions and care it’s inevitable that at some point healthy animals will breed. One of her female Bearded Dragons laid a clutch of eggs about 2 months ago. We put them in our incubator […]

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Crested Gecko Babies

Sarah has worked for us for over a year now. She has many reptiles at home but has always wanted to breed Crested Geckos. 59 days ago her Flame Crested Geckos rewarded her with 2 eggs, today they hatched! Both youngsters are healthy and eating well. Crested Geckos will lay 2 eggs about every 4 […]

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Surprise Corn Snake Eggs!

We’re known for breeding a lot of animals in store. We prepare everything in advance to ensure things go a smoothly as possible. Nesting boxes are made, incubation boxes are prepared and the huge incubator is always ready for eggs. No matter how much you plan ahead it’s important to remember that living animals don’t […]

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New Arrivals this Week

Several new arrivals this week, unfortunately some of the animals we wanted didn’t arrive but the ones that did are lovely. Some pictures are below and there are more in the gallery. As always, please contact us if you have any questions about any of them. Mexican Blonde Tarantula Depending on your mind set, you […]

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New Arrivals This Week

As always we want to introduce you to any new faces in the shop vivariums. Due to the bank holiday we haven’t had as many new animals come in but here they are. We’ve always bred our own Yemen Chameleons. The only problem this created was being able to supply customers with unrelated pairs for […]

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