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Reptile videos you may have missed recently

I have been a bit slack recently in updating our YouTube channel, I’ll admit that, but there are still a few reptile videos that you may have missed recently. You don’t want to miss any reptile videos do you? I certainly don’t want you to, especially after going to all the effort of putting our […]

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Northampton Reptile Centre, now open on Sundays!

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve finally persuaded part of the reptile centre team to give up their hard earned Sundays off!  They’d much rather be playing with the snakes and lizards anyway! So, from this Sunday forward, our Northampton store will be open from 10:30am until 3pm. So come along and say hello! How to […]

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Let us pay the VAT increase for you

As I’m sure you’re aware the government has already raised VAT from 17.5% to 20% this month. What does this mean? It means that everything you buy, that has VAT on it, has increased in retail price. Like many other people, the last thing I need after Christmas is the price of everything to go […]

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Snakes striking at frozen mice. Watch the video!

Frozen mice are what all of our small and medium sized snakes get to eat every Wednesday (the bigger guys get rats or rabbits). Out of the freezer in the morning and fully defrosted by the afternoon. Last week I thought I’d film Sarah and Duncan serving up dinner to a few of our snakes […]

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