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Shop Extension Nearly Finished

After lots of sawing, smashing, plumbing and plastering the shop extension is now very nearly finished. It has made the shop a lot bigger! The whole operation ran smoothly(ish), until one of the NRC owners attempted to take charge and promptly cut straight through an alarm cable. I won’t name names, but it wasn’t Antony ;-). Of […]

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Ever Seen Scorpions Glow in the Dark?

It has been known for a long time that scorpions will glow a fluorescent green/ yellow when exposed to ‘black light’. But it’s still really cool to see, and many of you may not have seen it before. This very strange colouration is caused by the scorpion reflection UV light. Why? It’s thought that they […]

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corn snake hatching

Pictures of our CB10 Corn Snakes Hatching

Everyday now it seems like there is something hatching here. Everybody always wants to see pictures of the new arrivals, so, when I can I’ll grab the camera and grab a few snaps. Here are some of our corn snakes hatching. Yesterday we were greeted by a clutch of corn snake eggs hatching. These are […]

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Are you ready for this years breeding time?

This week has seen an explosion in reptiles starting to lay their eggs! However, everybody who already breeds reptiles will know that getting them to lay is the easy bit. A good diet, the right environment and a member of the opposite sex is usually enough to get many of the commonly kept reptiles going! […]

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Northampton Reptile Centre

Want more reptiles in the shop? OK!

What’s better than a shop full of reptiles? An even bigger shop full of reptiles! That’s what we think too. So, how do you make a reptile shop bigger? Start knocking down walls! Yesterday saw the start of our reptile shop expanding by around 25%. This involves knocking through into the old office space and […]

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Do you like reptile products and use Facebook?

We’ve been working really hard recently to make our website as easy to use as possible for you. There’s a lot of reptile products on there and whilst everybody loves having choice,  there are some reptile keepers who are unsure which are the best products for them. We’re always at the end of the phone […]

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