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Love Corn Snakes

5 reasons why Corn Snakes make great pets

Corn snakes (Pantherophis guttata) are easily the most common snake kept as pets in the UK today. Native to North America, they are a member of the Rat Snake family and also known as the Red Rat Snake. We probably all know at least one person that has one, but why are they such great […]

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Need help with your spiders? Ask Danny!

Tarantulas and other spiders are up there as some of the most popular pets around. Arachnophobia certainly seems to be on the decline as more people are appreciating what fascinating animals arachnids (spiders, scorpions etc.) are. They’re not difficult to care for and make excellent pets. The choice and variety of spiders available is huge […]

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How to Hibernate Tortoises Safely

Tortoise hibernation is coming around again and many of you are asking for help to make sure your pet hibernates as safely as possible. Please ignore anything you have seen previously on Blue Peter, as that risky method has now been superseded by far safer protocols. I hope you enjoy the video we have put […]

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