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Northampton Reptile Centre

Want more reptiles in the shop? OK!

What’s better than a shop full of reptiles? An even bigger shop full of reptiles! That’s what we think too. So, how do you make a reptile shop bigger? Start knocking down walls! Yesterday saw the start of our reptile shop expanding by around 25%. This involves knocking through into the old office space and […]

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Do you like reptile products and use Facebook?

We’ve been working really hard recently to make our website as easy to use as possible for you. There’s a lot of reptile products on there and whilst everybody loves having choice,  there are some reptile keepers who are unsure which are the best products for them. We’re always at the end of the phone […]

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Love Corn Snakes

5 reasons why Corn Snakes make great pets

Corn snakes (Pantherophis guttata) are easily the most common snake kept as pets in the UK today. Native to North America, they are a member of the Rat Snake family and also known as the Red Rat Snake. We probably all know at least one person that has one, but why are they such great […]

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