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Kermit Was Wrong

Kermit Was Wrong!

Kermit the Frog of Jim Henson’s Muppet fame was wrong. I know it’s hard to believe that a fun loving Muppet like Kermit could have been inaccurate but this is a sad truth. For you see, it’s not only not easy being green; but it’s not easy being any other colour of frog either. Just […]

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Different Name; Same Great Snake: A General Overview of Corn Snakes

Taxonomy & Brain Haemorrhages Trying to keep up with all the taxonomic changes that occur each year is to me a mind numbing experience. Some people really enjoy taxonomy and I say to them more power to you. The hamster in my head starts twitching with epileptic spasms at about the third or fourth line […]

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Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs in Captivity

The waxy monkey tree frog Phyllomedusa sauvagii is also known as the Chaco Leaf Frog. Common name(s) aside, these are interesting frogs more for intermediate keepers than beginners. Some of their requirements are slightly harder to recreate and are unusual for amphibians. The best way to understand these frogs is to look at their natural […]

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Uromastyx – The Incredible Agamid with a Funny Name

I remember well when I first met Uromastyx. It was during a stint at a local independent reptile and fish store where I had taken the position of assistant manager. At the time, I had only been in the reptile industry a few years and was the editor for the San Diego Herpetological Society newsletter. […]

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Want your very own piece of Royalty? Get a Royal Python!

Whether you know them as Royal Pythons or Ball Pythons, Python regius seem to have been just about everybody’s first step into the realm of Pythons. It’s easy to see why; relatively speaking, they are an inexpensive snake & not demanding for a responsible keeper. Their captive care is now something which is almost standard, […]

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The Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula – is there a better looking spider?

The Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula (Acanthoscurria geniculata), or Giant White Knee as it is sometimes known, is native to the Brazilian rainforest and are so named due to the striking colouration of their legs.  They were, or are, one of the more popular Tarantula species being kept in captivity today.  This particular spider species is generally thought […]

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flat rock scorpion

Fancy an unusual pet? How about a Flat Rock Scorpion?

You’re looking for something different, but you don’t yet know what it is. You know you want a cool new pet, but which one? Northampton Reptile Centre has so many awesome species to choose from. You see millipedes & Praying Mantis but they just don’t strike you as that cool. You see the Bearded Dragons, […]

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