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which ferguson zone are mediterranean

Which Ferguson Zone are Mediterranean Tortoises?

Mediterranean Tortoises are Ferguson Zone 3 The Mediterranean tortoises from the genus Testudo are found in North Africa, western Asia, and Europe. These tortoises thermoregulate as open sun baskers exposing themselves to a UV Index of 2.9 – 7.4 during the day. If required, they will seek out shade. Mediterranean Tortoise Species Russian tortoise or Horsfield’s […]

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which ferguson zone are corn snakes

Which Ferguson Zone are Corn Snakes?

Corn Snakes are Ferguson Zone 1-2 Corn snakes originate from the grasslands of southeastern and central United States. Corn snakes are defined as crepuscular meaning that they are mostly active during dawn and dusk. But, they do also occasionally bask during the day. They are generally exposed to a UV Index of 0 – 0.7 […]

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which ferguson zone royal python

Which Ferguson Zone are Royal Pythons?

Royal Pythons are Ferguson Zone 1 Originating from the grasslands and shrublands of West and Central Africa, Royal Pythons are defined as crepuscular meaning that they are mostly active during dawn and dusk. They are generally exposed to a UV Index of 0 – 0.7 with a maximum UVI of 0.6 – 1.4 if they […]

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Louis’ Pet Horned Frog, Buu!

Hello, my name is Louis and I work for the online team at Northampton Reptile Centre ( Since working for the reptile centre I have come into contact with a lot of reptiles and amphibians and have purchased my first pet frog: Buu the strawberry horned frog. Here is a blog I have written on […]

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5 Popular Royal Python Morphs

The royal python , also known as the ball python, is the most popular large snake we sell and one of the 2 species we recommend for new keepers. They get quite thick and have a much larger head than other snakes but they still only get 4-6ft in length so they are still easy […]

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Top 3 Pet Snakes for Beginners

Lets put it out there, snakes are the best! Imagine having a colourful and interesting pet that will enjoy attention when it’s provided but doesn’t need it to thrive. A pet that only needs feeding once a week or once a fortnight depending on the age and species. A pet that poops as much as […]

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Hermanns tortoise

Tortoise Vivarium or Tortoise Table?

One of the oldest and fiercest debates within the reptile keeping community has been on the type of enclosure best suited to European tortoises. Many online resources will favour the tortoise table while we, for the most part, have advised wooden vivariums. Both enclosures have their pro’s and con’s and awkwardly there will be some […]

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