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which ferguson zone is a bearded dragon

Which Ferguson Zone are Bearded Dragons?

Bearded Dragons are Ferguson Zone 3 Originating from Australia, Bearded Dragons thermoregulate as open sun baskers exposing themselves to a UV Index of 2.9 – 7.4 during the day. They are at the upper end of Ferguson Zone 3 and may cross over into zone 4. What are Ferguson Zones? We know that recreating the […]

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5 Pet Lizards for Beginners

Lizards can make brilliant pets and they are probably the most popular group of pets we sell. That’s probably, at least in part, to some people being a little nervous around snakes, spiders and frogs when they enter the hobby but we’re sure it’s mostly how awesome the lizards we sell are! We have lizards […]

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The Best Live Food for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are the most popular pet lizard in the UK. They are a brilliant choice for new and experienced keepers alike as their care covers a lot of the ground needed to keep more sensitive species but they are also extremely resilient and have a great character. Part of keeping a bearded dragon happy […]

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New Product : Exo Terra Dragon Grub for Bearded Dragons

ExoTerra is a very well known company in the reptile trade and the manufacturer of some of our favourite terrariums and terrarium decor. They have previously produced very popular dried food diets and supplements for geckos and have now come to market with their bearded dragon diet. The bearded dragon grub diet is a protein-rich […]

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Setting up a bearded dragon enclosure

Bearded dragons are brilliant pets for first-time owners. As long as their requirements are met from day one they are very hardy animals, perfect for beginners and children. To make it as easy as possible to keep temperatures and lighting consistent and correct throughout the day we have now made sure each heater in our […]

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5 Great Vegetables for Bearded Dragons

At the Northampton Reptile Centre, bearded dragons are by far the most popular pet lizards for beginner keepers. They have a great personality, they don’t get too large and they are normally easy to keep and easy to handle which makes them a great first choice. While it has long been known that dragons commonly […]

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ProRep Beardie Feed Kit

Grow Your Own Bearded Dragon Food At Home!

The Bearded Dragon is a popular and rewarding pet and are relatively easy to care for, but they do have some exacting dietary needs at every stage of their life. Originating from the arid woodlands and deserts of central Australia, it spends much of it’s waking hours foraging for food. Being an omnivore the Bearded […]

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