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Want your very own piece of Royalty? Get a Royal Python!

Whether you know them as Royal Pythons or Ball Pythons, Python regius seem to have been just about everybody’s first step into the realm of Pythons. It’s easy to see why; relatively speaking, they are an inexpensive snake & not demanding for a responsible keeper. Their captive care is now something which is almost standard, […]

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Milk snake

Every Milk Snake is a Kingsnake; but not every Kingsnake is a Milk Snake

What’s in a name? The genus of Lampropeltis has 14 recognized species comprising what are commonly known as the Kingsnake species. Within the species of Lampropeltis triangulum we have 25 subspecies collectively known as the Milk Snakes . From all the research I have done I have come to the same conclusion as many of […]

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Want a Great Deal on a Great Animal? These guys are on special offer so be quick!

You fancy a new reptile? Now could be the time. We need to get some vivs empty for next week’s new arrivals, so I’ve put together a few very special offers to persuade you to add a new addition to your reptile family. They are collection only from the shop and on a first come […]

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Snakes striking at frozen mice. Watch the video!

Frozen mice are what all of our small and medium sized snakes get to eat every Wednesday (the bigger guys get rats or rabbits). Out of the freezer in the morning and fully defrosted by the afternoon. Last week I thought I’d film Sarah and Duncan serving up dinner to a few of our snakes […]

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kingsnake hatching

Baby Kingsnakes Hatching

Kingsnakes make great pets and are very easy to keep. They’re not as popular as Corn Snakes, mainly because you can only keep one per vivarium, but I think they have a little more personality. I was lucky enough to catch some hatching the other day in our incubator so I grabbed the camera. The […]

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Who are the exotic animals supporting this world cup?

I’ll make no secret of it, I’m quite excited about the world cup! BUT, this is a reptile blog, not a football one. Just so I could indulge in a little football, I thought I’d wright a bit about an animal that is native to each of the competing nations. Some of these reptiles and […]

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corn snake hatching

Pictures of our CB10 Corn Snakes Hatching

Everyday now it seems like there is something hatching here. Everybody always wants to see pictures of the new arrivals, so, when I can I’ll grab the camera and grab a few snaps. Here are some of our corn snakes hatching. Yesterday we were greeted by a clutch of corn snake eggs hatching. These are […]

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