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Where Have the Common Corn Snakes Gone?

Corn snakes are possibly one of the most commonly kept pets in the UK today. They are easy to care for, easy to handle, great with kids and come in almost any colour or pattern you can imagine. As I think back to the earlier days of keeping these pets I’m amazed as to how […]

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Exciting New Reptiles, Frogs & Spiders!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the Northampton Reptile Centre. That means vivs, terrariums and tanks quickly empty of animals as they venture off with their new owners. We love getting new reptiles, amphibians and inverts to care for but this week there were more than usual! New homes have to be stripped […]

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Look at the Baby Corn Snakes that Just Hatched!

About 2 months ago Tracy Hall brought us in 16 Corn Snake eggs to incubate. The mother of these eggs is a very pretty albino okeetee variety. The father is a common motley. Every morning we sort through the incubator to see how all the eggs are doing. This includes tortoises, chameleons, bearded dragons and […]

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Surprise Corn Snake Eggs!

We’re known for breeding a lot of animals in store. We prepare everything in advance to ensure things go a smoothly as possible. Nesting boxes are made, incubation boxes are prepared and the huge incubator is always ready for eggs. No matter how much you plan ahead it’s important to remember that living animals don’t […]

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Corn Snake Eggs!

Another round for the corn snake. It has been a busy week so far with eggs and babies! Yet another addition to the already full incubator was this clutch of corn snake eggs. Corn Snakes make great pets and are perfect for beginners. They are not difficult to breed but we still get excited by […]

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