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electronic t8 ballast

Why You Should Upgrade to an Electronic T8 Ballast

Since their introduction in the late 1930s, fluorescent lamps have changed very little in overall appearance and the way we make them work. The familiar light units that we are all used to seeing with the separate choke unit entered the lighting industry in 1939. Its job is to preheat the lamp and supply a […]

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Zoo Med Naturalistic Flora

Zoo Med Naturalistic Flora – Finally Great Looking Artificial Plants!

This new Zoo Med line of artificial plants for terrariums that provide the look of real plants without the hassle. They’re water resistant and come with a sturdy root stake to secure them into your substrate. There’s several to choose from: Fireball Bromeliad, Chestnut Bromeliad, Lace Fern, Sword Fern, Tillandsia Air Plant, Staghorn Fern, or […]

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Reptile Systems Insect Food

Reptile Systems Insect Food – Advanced Gut Loading of Reptile Livefood

The following piece was written for us by Reptile Systems in response to us asking what makes Reptile Systems Insect Food better than any other insect foods on the market. It’s safe to say that Insect Food is seriously good stuff, after reading the following, we’re sure you’ll agree! This insect food should form the […]

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Is This the Best Reptile Basking Spot Bulb in the World?

Reptile basking spot bulbs have been adapted, over time, from what was originally designed as an incandescent household lamp for illumination. The heat produced being is a by-product from the vast heat of the filament producing bright white light. Reptile Systems wanted to create a lamp that not only produces a visually pleasing light but […]

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reptile systems new dawn proten

Reptile Systems New Dawn Proten LED Bars

Reptile Systems New Dawn Proten LED was not designed from scratch like many of their other lighting products, as it uses many parts from the very successful Aquarium Systems Proten LED range. This range consists of two different colours in six different sizes. The New Dawn Proten has all the high-tech features of its aquatic […]

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Reptile Systems New Dawn Compact LED Bulbs

This traditional type of E27 LED unit has been around for a very long time and was popularised by a company that manufactured LEDs for general lighting before tailoring it for hydroponic plant growing. It also made it into the aquatic market in late 2013, appearing in some popular plug and play aquariums. The New […]

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Reptile Systems Heat Cable

How to Use Heat Cables Effectively & Safely

Heat cables have had many uses over the years and to give a brief insight into the versatility of this product we can give you some more prominent examples. The plumbing industry has used this technology for trace heating on pipework, to prevent freezing, by using just one cable. Multiple or spiralled cables around pipes […]

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