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Have your lizards tried fruit beetle grubs? Tasty eh?

We all deserve a treat from time to time. But how do you treat your pet reptiles? What in the world is there to make your lizard feel loved? If your bearded dragon is like any of ours, the way to their heart is always through their stomach! A lot of our smaller lizards have […]

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Have your reptiles tried Calci-Worms yet?

Calci-Worms are very new to us in the UK. We’ve heard a lot of good things about them from America where they have been used for a long time. Over there they are branded as Phoenix Worms or Soldier Grubs, you may have heard of them. But what are Calci-Worms? Calci-Worms are the larvae of […]

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Tortoie Feed Growing Kit

Like to grow your own tortoise food?

As a tortoise keeper you already know how important it is to give your tortoise the best diet possible. Mediterranean tortoises thrive on a diet of leafy green plants and whilst some are available to buy in the supermarket, you can now grow a bigger selection at home for a fraction of the price. Pro […]

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reptile eggs in incubation box

Are you ready for this years breeding time?

This week has seen an explosion in reptiles starting to lay their eggs! However, everybody who already breeds reptiles will know that getting them to lay is the easy bit. A good diet, the right environment and a member of the opposite sex is usually enough to get many of the commonly kept reptiles going! […]

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How to Hibernate Tortoises Safely

Tortoise hibernation is coming around again and many of you are asking for help to make sure your pet hibernates as safely as possible. Please ignore anything you have seen previously on Blue Peter, as that risky method has now been superseded by far safer protocols. I hope you enjoy the video we have put […]

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How to hint you want a reptile for Christmas!

Firstly, I must apologise for using ‘the c word‘ whilst still in the middle of October. But, ‘Christmas’ is now only a mere 9 weeks away! Now, I know there are many of you out there who are gagging to get your first reptile this year or add to your existing pet collection. So, how […]

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Want to know which UVB bulbs our reptiles use?

We often get asked which bulbs we would recommend. Without fail we give the same reply. There is a really good reason for that, but it’s occurred to me that i’ve never explained why. So in an effort to help you make an informed decision when replacing your UVB bulb, i’m going to explain how […]

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