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Dr Ferguson Zoo Med Interview

A Conversation With the Creator of Ferguson Zones Dr. Gary Ferguson

Zoo Med Laboratories recently released an interesting interview with the creator of Ferguson Zones, Dr. Gary Ferguson. Dr. Ferguson conducted many experiments to help further the understanding of the importance of UVB lighting versus vitamin D supplementation. The results of which are fundamental in how we care for our reptiles today. Ferguson Zones are basically […]

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Northampton Reptile Centre on Trustpilot

10,000 Northampton Reptile Centre Reviews on TrustPilot

So, we’ve just reached 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot! Trustpilot is an independent review gathering company that collects over 1,000,000 reviews about companies globally every month. It’s great to see what people like about our service, but it’s also great to see where we can make changes to help people further. Thank you for helping us […]

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reptile systems

An Introduction to the Reptile Systems Company

To understand the passion and drive behind the Reptile Systems brand it may help to look back at their pedigree. To the casual observer, Reptile Systems burst onto the scene in August 2017, leapfrogging many established brands, in both quality and value. Reptile Systems are part of a group of companies belonging to Aquarium Systems. […]

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Reptile Centre on Instagram

Northampton Reptile Centre is on Instagram!

We love sharing pictures of our animals, so where better to do that than Instagram? Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app/ website around with over 500 million users worldwide. We’re rather proud that 20k Instagrammers have chosen to follow us! Our profile consists mainly of the animals we have at our stores in Northampton […]

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Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge at Northampton Reptile Centre

The mannequin challenge is sweeping the nation! The Northampton Reptile Centre mannequin challenge takes you on a tour of our Northampton reptile shop, including behind the scenes and into some of our offices. This mannequin challenge also features the ladies working in Northampton Grooming Centre which is our dog grooming business that has just celebrated […]

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Reptile Insurance

Reptile Insurance With 10% Off at ExoticDirect

Your reptile is your pride and joy, and should it become ill you’d want it to be treated quickly by a vet. Sadly, vet fees can be expensive, and can quickly escalate. This can mean cost dependent choices needing to be made. Reptile insurance can mean the difference between the treatment your pet needs, and what […]

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Reptile Price Match

Price Match Available at Northampton Reptile Centre

Found something cheaper? See if we can price match it! We’ll always try to have the best prices online, so if you’ve found something you want to buy from our website cheaper somewhere else, but want our 5-star service, let’s see if we can match it for you. Fill in the online form to give […]

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