Surprise Corn Snake Eggs!

We’re known for breeding a lot of animals in store. We prepare everything in advance to ensure things go a smoothly as possible. Nesting boxes are made, incubation boxes are prepared and the huge incubator is always ready for eggs. No matter how much you plan ahead it’s important to remember that living animals don’t […]

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New Arrivals This Week

As always we want to introduce you to any new faces in the shop vivariums. Due to the bank holiday we haven’t had as many new animals come in but here they are. We’ve always bred our own Yemen Chameleons. The only problem this created was being able to supply customers with unrelated pairs for […]

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Darren’s Reptile Love Affair

Hello, I’m Darren Miller and I’m 21 years old. Like all of us who are into keeping reptiles I am passionate about my animals and and happy to share my experiences with other reptile keepers. It all started for me around 6 years ago. I had always had a real fascination with reptiles since a […]

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More Bearded Dragon Eggs!

We love breeding our own reptiles and we always try to encourage our customers to do the same. We were delighted this morning when two young men, Lewis and Alex, came through the door with an interesting looking box wrapped in a tea towel. Accompanied by Dad Mike the boys revealed the box containing what […]

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Harry’s got a girlfriend

Many of you have been asking about Harry our blue and gold macaw. For the last few weeks he hasn’t been on his tree by the entrance greeting the customers. Usually these greetings consisted of a cheeky hello or an ear bursting squawk but you always knew he was there. Those of you who have […]

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Heart FM’s Jagger & Woody Visit Us!

Jagger & Woody host the Breakfast Show on the region’s most popular radio station Heart FM. Woody turns 40 in May. Jagger thinks it’s about time Woody acted his age and faced up to his many fears. Woody’s biggest fear is spiders. Well, any creepy crawlies really! So, who better to visit to try and […]

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